Robert-Jan Sips

Machine Learning 
Social Network Analysis 
Open Data 
Knowledge graphs 
Access to care: analysis of the geographical distribution of healthcare using Linked Open Data
Full article: Arxiv
Knowledge graphs, Reasoning
Evaluating Medical Lexical Simplification: Rule-based vs BERT
NLP, Knowledge graphs
Empirical methodology for crowdsourcing ground truth
Machine Learning
Learning profile-based recommendations for medical search auto-complete
Full article: AAAI-MAKE 2021
NLP, Machine Learning
What do you mean, doctor? A knowledge-based approach for word sense disambiguation of medical terminology
Full article: HEALTHINF 2021
Access to care: Geographical analysis of medical facilities
Full article: SeWebMeda 2020
Knowledge graphs
Normalization of Long-tail Adverse Drug Reactions in Social Media
NLP, Machine Learning
Language Identification for Short Medical Texts
Full article: HEALTHINF 2020
Training Data Augmentation for Detecting Adverse Drug Reactions in User-Generated Content
Full article: EMNLP 2019
NLP, Machine Learning
Give it a shot: Few-shot learning to normalize ADR mentions in Social Media posts
Full article: SMM4H @ACL 2019
NLP, Machine Learning
Evaluating neural text simplification in the medical domain
Full article: WWW 2019
NLP, Machine Learning
Nudge your Workforce: A Study on the Effectiveness of Task Notification Strategies in Enterprise Mobile Crowdsourcing
Full article: UMAP 2017
Crowdsourcing for Video Event Detection
Online social network evolution: Revisiting the Twitter graph
Social Network Analysis
Crowdsourcing ground truth data for analysing brainstem tumors in children
Full article: BNAIC 2016
Exploring social sensing techniques for measuring rainfall and flood response in urban environments
Full article: EGU GA 2016
Work and play: An experiment in enterprise gamification
Full article: CSCW 2016
Crowdsourcing, Gamification
The Inclusive Enterprise: Vision and Roadmap
Full article: ICWE 2015
Crowdsourcing, IOT
Towards Closing the Gap between Theory and Practice in Open Data Publishing
Machine Learning, Open Data
Innovative, multi-disciplinary sensing of rainfall and flood response in urban environments
Full article: UrbanRain15
Crowdsourcing, Machine Learning, IOT
Decision Support Framework for Opening Business Data
Crowdtruth: Machine-human computation framework for harnessing disagreement in gathering annotated data
Full article: ISWC 2014
The Poseidon Project: An Introduction
IOT, Open Data
Utilizing data mining for predictive modeling of colorectal cancer using electronic medical records
A study of the online profile of enterprise users in professional social networks
Full article: WWW 2014
Social Network Analysis
A case for evidence-based levee management using sensor technology
"Dr. Detective": combining gamification techniques and crowdsourcing to create a gold standard in medical text
Full article: ISWC2013
Domain-independent quality measures for crowd truth disagreement
Full article: Derive @ISWC2013
Towards a universal change detection framework in Levees
Full article: BNAIC 2012
Machine Learning, IOT
Enabling medical expert critiquing using a BDI approach
Full article: BNAIC 2006
Applying intention-based guidelines for critiquing
Full article: ECAI 2006
Enabling protocol-based medical critiquing
Full article: MIE 2006